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Public Safety: Firefighting

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Work as a team to build problem-solving, critical thinking, and communication skills; perform physical tasks and engage in mock emergency care scenarios

Students are required to dress out for PT 1 day per week and official uniform on Fridays.

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Uniforms $108
SkillsUSA $15
Class Fee $15
Explorer $33
CPR $6
TOTAL: $177
10th Grade (only) 11th & 12th Grade (only) 12 Grade (only)

Firemanship I & II

Introduction to Fire Science #530011

Course provides students with basic information on the fire service organization, fire science and behavior, and firefighter safety and suppression skills. Students will have the opportunity to learn through demonstrations with ground ladders, fire house, nozzles, and apparatus.


Volunteer Firefighter Certification

Fire Science #530012

Course covers advanced firefighter concepts, including: building construction, emergency medical care, fire behavior, fire department communications, fire control, fire prevention, public fire education, fire streams, forcible entry, loss control, hazardous materials, orientation and safety, personal protective equipment, rescue and extrication. 



EMT Basic

 Course provides students with insights into the theory and application of concepts related to the profession of emergency medical services. Course topics include: airway maintenance, patient assessment, management of trauma patients and medical patients, treating infants and children, and various EMS operations.


The goal of the Public Safety/Firefighting program is to provide students with the opportunity to incrementally build the necessary skills to earn a specialized certification and/or license, which will make students more valuable to prospective employers. 6-Firefighting offers the following certification opportunity:  Firefighting 160 hour course.

Students may receive credit through the Alabama Fire College after completing quality assurance criteria in this Career Technical program.

Course: 160 Hour Course embedded into the Fire and Emergency Services curriculum

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