Subjects Taught
Gifted Education


I am a graduate of Lauderdale County High School.

I attended Calhoun College before finishing my teaching degree at Athens State University.

I attended the University of Alabama for Graduate School.


My name is Wesley Kennedy, and I have a wonderful wife named Jennifer.  I have two sons, Ashton who is in eleventh grade and Adam who is in third grade.  I have been a teacher for sixteen years.  I specialize in Science, History and Technology.  I have spent my summers taking and teaching workshops in these areas.  Each summer I teach Educator's Space Academy and have made friends from all around the world there.  I have taken students to Dauphin Island Sea Lab for the last thirteen years and Camp McDowell for six years.  I really enjoy teaching the gifted students of Limestone County.

The Gifted Students in Limestone County are bused to the Limestone County Career Technical Center for classes.  Students spend two and a half hours per week in the gifted class.  

Third Grade-The third grade students will focus on several different units of study.  These units include; Career Exploration, CSI, Beginning Flight Principles, Lego Robotics, PowerPoint Technology, and Space History.

Fourth Grade- Fourth Graders will focus on several different units of study.  One unit we will study is the Lunar X Prize Competition.  In this unit students will work in teams to design, build and demonstrate a working Lunar Lander and Lunar Rover.  Inside the lander and rover will be an "eggstronaut"  that will have to survive.  The landers will be dropped from the roof of the school.  Rovers will be released down a short ramp.

Our High Altitude Photography Unit will be a joint activity with all the fourth grade classes.  Our goal is to successfully launch, collect data, and retrieve a high altitude weather balloon.  Attached to the balloon will be a camera, thermometer, altimeter and GPS tracker.  

During our Stop Animation Video unit students will write and produce their own movies.  Each movie will be between two and five minutes in length.  

Another unit we will explore will be History of Flight.  In this unit we will talk about the earliest forms of flight and continue on through time until todays advanced rocketry.  Along the way students will design and build kites, hot-air balloons, gliders, and two forms of rockets.

We will also study engineering, physics and following instructions by building a marble mania kit.  This kit will demonstrate several physics principles while testing students ability to read and follow a technical plan to help them build it correctly.

Our Field trip in fourth grade is a three day two night trip to Camp McDowell Environmental Center down close to Jasper Alabama.  There students will experience nature first hand through a variety of outdoor classes.  Students will learn to determine water quality by catching different animals and bugs in a pond setting and a stream setting.  Students will also get a hands on look at how Alabama Natives lived off the land.