2019 Talent Competition  

The Limestone County Gifted Program will have their annual Talent Competition on Wednesday, May 8, at the Limestone County Event Center. Grades 9th-12th will be from 9-10:30 AM and grades 6th-8th will be from 12:30-2 PM. 


Rehearsal Day for is Tuesday, April 30th


All pre-judged entries for Art, Writing, and Photography/Digital Media must be submitted by 3 PM on Thursday, May 2nd.


**more info to follow at a later date**

Summer 2020 Tour - Athens, Greece and Island Cruise  


The Limestone County Gifted Program will be traveling to Athens, Greece for an educational tour in June 2020.

Tentative Dates: June 11-20, 2020

This is 10-day tour with a 4-day tour of Athens and a 4-day tour of the Greek Islands.



Two ways to enroll:

1 - Online using tour website:

2 - Over the phone: 1-800-665-5364



Enrollment will be open until December 21, 2018.

If tour is not full, we will open up another enrollment period in the fall (August 2019)


Parents and siblings (ages 12+) of gifted students are welcome to travel with us.



For more information, contact Monica McConnell 



2018-2019 Gifted Schedules  

9th - 12th grade Gifted Classes 2018-2019

(every other week -- 2 meetings per month)

Mondays -West Limestone:
         12th grade – begins 8/27 – 2nd/3rd/4th periods - (8:53-11:30 AM)

         11th grade – begins 8/27 – 6th/Advisory/7th periods - (12:49-3:00 PM)

         10th grade – begins 9/10 – 2nd/3rd/4th periods - (8:53-11:30 AM)

         9th grade – begins 9/10 – 6th/Advisory/7th periods - (12:49-3:00 PM)


Tuesdays – East Limestone:     

         12th grade – begins 9/4 – 2nd/3rd/4th periods - (8:48-11:23 AM)

         11th grade – begins 9/4 – 6th/RTI/7th periods - (12:45-3:02 PM)

         10th grade – begins 9/11 –2nd/3rd/4th periods - (8:48-11:23 AM)

         9th grade – begins 9/11 – 6th/RTI/7th periods - (12:45-3:02 PM)


Thursday mornings –Elkmont:

         12th grade – begins 9/6 - 1st/2nd periods - (7:55-9:36 AM)

         11th grade – begins 9/6 - 3rd/4th periods - (9:41-11:20 AM)

         10th grade – begins 9/13- 1st/2nd periods - (7:55-9:36 AM)

         9th grade – begins 9/13 – 3rd/4th periods - (9:41-11:20 AM)


Thursday afternoons – Ardmore:

         12th grade – begins 9/6 – 6th/RTI periods - (12:45-2:12 PM)

         11th grade – begins 9/6 – RTI/7th periods - (1:38-3:05 PM)

         10th grade – begins 9/13 – 6th/RTI periods - (12:45-2:12 PM)

         9th grade – begins 9/13 - RTI/7th periods - (1:38-3:05 PM)


Friday mornings – Clements:
         12th grade – begins 9/7 – 1st/2nd periods - (7:55-9:39 AM)

         11th grade – begins 9/7 – RTI/3rd periods - (9:43-11:05 AM)

         10th grade – begins 9/14 – 1st/2nd periods - (7:55-9:39 AM)

         9th grade – begins 9/14 – RTI/3rd periods - (9:43-11:05 AM)


Friday afternoons – Tanner:
         12th grade – begins 9/7 – 5th/6th/7th periods - (12:34-3:05 PM)

         11th grade – begins 9/7 – 5th/6th/7th periods - (12:34-3:05 PM)

         10th grade – begins 9/14 – 5th/6th/7th periods - (12:34-3:05 PM)

         9th grade – begins 9/14 – 5th/6th/7th periods - (12:34-3:05 PM)

McConnell's Class Description of Activities

9th grade:

Celebrate Japan - Students participate in a study of Japan. Students learn about the history, geography, foods, crafts, and education, along with other aspects of Japanese culture. The students complete the unit with a field trip to an authentic Japanese restaurant.

  Mock Trial - Students engage in an intense study of the Criminal Justice system and end the unit with a Mock Trial. Students step into the roles of attorneys, witnesses, jurors, etc...Students also take a field trip to the Limestone County Courthouse to watch a trial in action.


10th grade:

Students begin the year with ACT/SAT practice in hopes of boosting their score for college admissions.

  Skyjack - A simulation of international terrorism. Students are discovering first-hand the problems nations face in dealing with international terrorism. Through research, discussion, and decision-making in a simulated airplane hijack, students learn about terrorists: who they are, what they want, why they are powerful, and what nations can do to counter their global threat.

Organized Debates -While divided into debate teams, the students will defend their position on current issues. They will be required to do a great deal of research on their topics.


11th grade:

Students begin the year with ACT/SAT practice in hopes of boosting their score for college admissions.

Students work on a multimedia presentation (movie) to place on DVD. Students are required to write the script, develop characters, storyboard, cast, film, and edit.

12th grade:

Students are preparing admissions and scholarship applications for college. Emphasis is on their admissions essay and resumes.

Students are also preparing for their Mentorships. Seniors complete a Career Exploration Program and are placed with a mentoring professional of their choice to work with for 6 weeks.



October - Halloween Magic Chemistry Show and Haunted Science Lab for Limestone County 2nd graders

November - Birdie Thornton Center Celebration

March  - Read Across America

April  - Tanner Head Start / Johnson Elementary - Easter Egg Hunt


See FORMS for all Field Trip Information and ANNOUNCEMENTS for all activities

End of Year Activity for all Gifted Students - grades 7-12

Students will participate in a Talent Competition at Athens State University Ballroom. All students in grades 7-12 from all 6 county high schools will participate in this event.

There are 4 areas of talent that the students can choose to enter:

•1.                  Performance Competition - includes singing (solo or group), acting, dancing, playing an instrument (guitar, piano, brass, etc...) poetry reading, dramatic monologue, skit, comedy routine

•2.                  Writing Competition - includes essay, prose fiction, poetry, short story, song lyrics

•3.                  Art Competition - all forms of media; must be original piece

•4.                  Photography Competition - submitted as portfolio (minimum 5 pictures)