Medication Procedure

Since medical treatment is the responsibility of the parent and the family physician, no medication will be given by school personnel except in extreme cases. Proper authorization forms will be on file in the school nurse’s office. A required form can be picked up at the local school nurse’s office or printed from the LCBOE website. All medication, including over-the-counter medications are required to have a physician authorization/signature and all forms must be up to date for the current school year. All medications must be brought by the parent/guardian and signed in with the school nurse. Stock calamine lotion, Vaseline, hand lotions and aloe will be part of the school nurse’s “first aide” supplies, are not considered OTC medication and will be used as deemed necessary by the school nurse.

** If the student brings medication to school without the PPA and the medication is required during the school hours, the parent/guardian must bring the medication to school at the specified time and administer the medication to the student. The school cannot keep or administer the medication without a signed PPA

**Alabama State Law requires a signed doctor’s statement (Prescriber/Parent Authorization Form, PPAthat specifies specific directions for the medication needed during the school hours. This is a legal document allowing the school nurse or trained medication assistant to administer the medication during the school hours.

Any medication not picked up by the parent/guardian, once it has expired, will be discarded in 5 days from the expiration date. Any medication not picked up at the end of the school year will be discarded by 3:00 pm on the last day students attend class for the school year, per Alabama State Law.