Pre - Engineering

Damon Faris

Pre-Engineering Instructor





In Pre-Engineering, students will compete in a nationwide bridge building competition and gain experience in precision measurement, laser engraving, and 3D printing. Students will also program microcontrollers, create circuits,
and build and program their own robots. Students may earn certifications as
Autodesk Certified User and Microsoft Office Specialist.


It helps to be:

A math and science fan who loves gadgets and working with their hands.

If you love electronics, computers, robotics and programming...

see your counselor to enroll today!

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1st Year Students2nd Year Students3rd Year Students

Foundations #560011

Engineering Systems #560013

Compete in a nationwide bridge building competition. Get hands-on experience with precision measurement, laser engraving, and 3D printing.

Programming for Engineers #560030

Engineering Research/Design #560014

Create your own engineering design from proposal to completion. Explore all of the fields of engineering including 3D modeling and design.

Intro to Robotics #540031

Robotics Applications #540032

Program microcontrollers, create circuits, and become a true "maker". You will build and program your own robots to compete against other schools in head-to-head competition.


Our goal is to provide students with the opportunity to build stackable credentials as they nagivate their programs of study. This will make our students more valuable to potential employers. Engineering offers the following certification opportunity:

  • Autodesk-Inventor Certified User
  • Autodesk-Revit Certified User
  • Microsoft Office Specialist