Graphic Communications

Lanise Oligee

Graphic Communications Instructor

In Graphic Communications students are introduced to a variety of printing methods, darkroom procedures,
and film developing. Students also gain experience with InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop
and an opportunity to earn a certification in PrintEd.


It helps to:

  • be good with machines and computers
  • be creative and have an eye for color, design and strong attention to detail

If you like digital imaging, screen printing and more...

see your counselor to enroll today!

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1st Year Students2nd Year Students3rd Year Students

Introduction to Graphic #440015

Press Operations #440011

Students are introduced to Adobe CC software, and printing concepts. Various printing methods are examined. This is a prerequisite for further courses. Offset press setup and operation are taught.

Process Cameras #440014

Finishing/Binding #440016

 Finishing and binding technology skills are taught.

Digital File Preparation #440012

Adv. Digital File Prep #440013

Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop computer skills are taught. Learn to design letterhead, business cards and brochures.


Our goal is to provide students with the opportunity to build stackable credentials as they navigate their programs of study. This will make our students more valuable to potential employers. Graphic Communications offers the following certification opportunity:

  • PrintEd Graphic Communications
  • PrintEd Digital File Preparation & Digital File Output
  • PrintEd Offset Press Operations/Binding & Finishing
  • PrintEd Screen Print

Students may receive ARTICULATED credit through the Alabama State Community College System after completing quality assurance criteria in this Career Technical program.

Courses: Digital Design, Graphic Illustrations