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Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps

Col. Jvon Hearn

Sgt. James Wilson

The Army Junior Reserve Officer Training Corp (JROTC) program is designed to teach the value of citizenship, leadership, service to the community, personal responsibility, and a sense of accomplishment while instilling a sense of self-esteem, teamwork and self-discipline.

If you want to develop your leadership potential, strengthen your self-esteem, improve your physical fitness, and sharpen your communication skills...

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1st Year Students2nd Year Students3rd Year Students

Leadership Theory and Application

#480041 / #480045

  • Self Esteem/Goal Setting
  • Ethics/Values
  • Personal and Social Responsibility
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Wellness and Fitness
  • Substance Abuse

Foundations for Success

#480042 / #480046

  • Communications
  • Brain Structure and Function
  • Learning Styles
  • Becoming an Active Learner
  • Government
  • Study Skills
  • Career Planning

Citizenship and American History

#480043 / #480047

  • Character Development
  • Government
  • Study Skills
  • Career Planning
  • Financial Planning

The Army Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) is a program offered to high schools that teaches students character education, student achievement, wellness, leadership and diversity. Our mission is to motivate young people to be better citizens. After completing  three years of the JROTC program, those graduates desiring to enlist the military can enlist with a higher pay grade than students who did not complete the JROTC program. Enrolling in JROTC DOES NOT obligate a student to join the military.