Computer Programming

Pamela Long

Programming Instructor





It helps to:

  • be a problem solver who is able to work at a fast pace
  • have strong math and English skills
  • have computer skills

If you are interested in computer programming...

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1st Year Students2nd Year Students3rd Year Students

Information Technology Fundamentals #52005

Java Programming #520014

Students will learn about the special language that provides a way to program computers using instructions that can be easily understood by computers and people.

Software Development #520015

This coursework involves a combination of practical programming techniques and problem-solving skills. Areas of study include logical and algorithmic analysis and design, object-oriented programming, and relational databases.

Senior Career Pathway Project - Information Technology #520037

Students will learn how to design special software for clients and database design. They will also learn about becoming a web developer and a web entrepreneur.


Our goal is to provide students with the opportunity to build stackable credentials as they nagivate their programs of study. This will make our students more valuable to potential employers. Graphic Communications offers the following certification opportunity:

  • Microsoft Technology Associate Software Development Fundamentals
  • Microsoft Technology Associate Gaming Development Fundamentals
  • Microsoft Office Specialist

Students may receive ARTICULATED credit through the Alabama State Community College System after completing quality assurance criteria in this Career Technical program.

Courses:Introduction to Computers

Students may receive ARTICULATED credit through Calhoun Community College after completing quality assurance criteria in this Career Technical program.

Courses: Microcomputer Applications