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Restaurant, Food & Beverage Services

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Hospitality and Tourism


It helps to be a person who...

  • enjoys working with people from different backgrounds
  • can multitask
  • can think creatively

If you love cooking, creating and just having fun …

See your counselor to enroll today!

Lab Fee $15
Materials/Supplies $30
TOTAL: $60


1st Year Students 2nd Year Students 3rd Year Students

Hospitality and Tourism #500011

Culinary Arts I #500012

An Introduction to the historical aspects, career opportunities, and current trends in the industry while learning the basics of safety and sanitation preparation and service.



Culinary Arts II  #500013

Baking and Pastry Arts #500014

Develop skills events and activities. Explore career options and management responsibilities relating to the lodging industry.



Event Planning #500015

Lodging I #500031

Create custom cakes and baked items, develop management skills and promote leadership capabilities while learning advanced culinary techniques.





Our goal is to provide students with the opportunity to build stackable credentials as they navigate their programs of study. This will make our students more valuable to potential employers.  Restaurant Services offers the following certification opportunity: 

  • ServSafe Food Protection Management Certification

Students may receive articulated college credit through the Alabama State Community College System after completing quality assurance criteria in this Career Technical program.


  • Orientation to the Hospitality Profession
  • Sanitation, Safety, and Food Service