Limestone County Career Technical Center

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Limestone County Schools creates economically independent citizens through Career and Technical Education where business and industry are confident. We have shifted mindsets surrounding occupational training by setting students up for success through workforce development initiatives and prioritizing immersive and interactive learning experiences. We incorporate work-based learning, simulated workplace, and technology within our training. We strengthen ties with industry by exploring interaction and enrichment by integrating rigorous academic standards and emphasizing practical experiences.

Career and Technical Education within
Limestone County Schools strives to:

  • Plan authentic, intellectually demanding instruction where students master significant content and skills.
  • Use sustained, in-depth inquiry through our simulated workplace.
  • Engage students in collaborative problem-solving through the design process.
  • Foster a classroom and laboratory environment that supports student ownership of learning.
  • Engage in ongoing and purposeful business and industry relations through our regional workforce advisory council with North Alabama Works and include those community partnerships in instructional planning, implementation, and reflection.

Through the simulated workplace umbrella curriculum, our students are engaged in a workplace environment providing rigorous training and support, while developing the necessary skill set to be a work-ready employee. The components used are proven to be essential in the success of local and international companies. Additionally, this initiative works closely with business and industry experts to identify effective career and technical education programs that meet the needs of tomorrow's workforce. 

Our strengths include academic advising and securing current and post-secondary job placement, economic and workforce development, ensuring skill acquisition among all students, and fully integrating academics with industry.


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